Project Human Arrow by Luigi Cani, opens in the largest residential towers in Latin America

One of the most renowned skydivers in the world, Luigi Cani is a reference in creativity, innovation, safety and efficiency in free flight. With more than 13 thousand jumps and 11 world records, it always seeks to overcome the ways of carrying out the already so daring practice. His newest project was carried out in the largest residential building in Latin America, YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina, built by Pasqualotto & GT, in Balneário Camboriú (SC). Called “Human Arrow”, the project was revealed at Caldeirão do Huck, on Globo network, last Saturday, March 20th. And it will also enter the Canal Off schedule in the coming days, in an expanded format that will present details of the production.

In the daring proposal, Cani was launched from the top of the 281 meters of the YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina, from a device similar to a huge human steel slingshot. For the jump, the athlete used an equipment known as Wingsuit, or "bat clothes", which guarantees an ideal flight plan, reaching more than 200 kilometers per hour. After the feat, the pilot flew to a safe landing on the beach sand of one of the most popular coastlines in Brazil, Balneário Camboriú (SC).

The athlete's propulsion structure was designed and installed by a special team, focused on scenography and technique. Altogether, it took almost a year to elaborate the creative project, structure development, tests, training and maintenance, until the realization of the jump at YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina.

In addition to the innovative “Human Arrow” project, Cani also flew between the towers of YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina. For the jumps, he had the support of the pilot James Boole, who ensured Luigi's air safety and assisted in the cinematographic records.

For the president of Pasqualotto & GT, Alcino Pasqualotto Neto, it is an honor to welcome an athlete like Cani and contribute to the realization of a project as bold as the enterprise “It is a perfect connection and the result of this union could not be different, a success that reverberated the whole world in a few hours. The incredible thing is to know that together we transmit to everyone the feeling of experiencing something unique ”, says Alcino.

About Pasqualotto & GT

Pasqualotto & GT is the builder of luxury developments, such as YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina, the largest residential building in Latin America, with 81 floors and 281 meters in height. With a vocation for vertical buildings above 50 floors, it also has other projects in partnership by Pininfarina, such as Vitra, recognized in America and Europe as an icon of international architecture, and the future project La Città by Pininfarina.


About Luigi Cani

One of the most renowned skydivers in the world, Luigi Cani has more than 20 years of career, has 11 world records and has already performed more than 13 thousand jumps. The athlete is a reference in the production of innovative projects that show creativity and have gained prominence in more than 60 communication vehicles in the world.


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