Images show the size of the fairing of the YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina

When it comes to large projects, everything is superlative, and with the Brazilian building that has the highest inhabited area in Latin America this would be no different. Among so many stages of the work, the installation of the facade becomes another great landmark and impresses with its size. The YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina which has 81 floors, inspired by the nautical universe, which is also portrayed on its facade, which will have a fairing similar to the best luxury yachts in the world and seeks to stimulate the values ??and benefits of the nautical universe in one of the main Brazilian destinations. , Balneário Camboriú (SC).

Gradually, the facade of the largest residential in Latin America takes shape in the building. With lines designed by the renowned European design studio, Pininfarina, the fairing will have a total of 268 panels produced with the same raw material and equipment used in the best yachts in the world. In addition, the project is focused on the geometric quality of the lines and adjustments to ensure that the installation is perfect even in the face of possible weather effects. The placement of the fairing is expected to be completed in the coming months.

The inspiration from the nautical universe of YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina goes beyond the external design. The project was built overlooking the sea and the forest, allowing residents to experience the benefits of proximity to these areas on a daily basis. The building also has an exclusive entrance to the marina, to facilitate access to local boats.

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