Pininfarina CEO talks about exclusive design projects developed for Brazil

Company behind exclusive design projects on different fronts, such as some luxury buildings in different countries and even partnerships with world-renowned brands such as Ferrari and Maserati, Pininfarina is currently responsible for the design of the largest residential building in Latin America, the Yachthouse by Pininfarina project , in a partnership with Pasqualotto & GT Empreendimentos, which is being built to reinforce the luxury market in Balneário Camboriú (SC). Visiting the region, to see the progress of the works and discuss new projects, Italian CEO Silvio Angori gave this interview.


The concept of Pininfarina is to reframe design, to inspire the world. How is it to see the projects signed by the company taking shape in Brazil?

When we started working with partners, we embarked on a journey together. A path where our visions come alive. We have a special appreciation for Brazil, which houses several of our projects. It is always pleasant and exciting to see a project go through the various stages, from design to construction, from dream to reality. Of course, it is not a short journey, but it is a wonderful journey achieved thanks to the common vision and, of course, the skills and knowledge of our partners. The final phase is often the most magical part of the project, because it is to see it undergoing experimentation by the end user, who is the person for whom it was created.


A story that begins in 1930, but is renewed and shaped over time. Do you realize that Brazil has managed to adapt to the new times? What projects could you name here?

Our relationship with the Brazilian market started a decade ago. We always feel that we are welcome and that people welcome us and we also share this feeling in return.

For us, Brazil has a very rich culture, a great vision, appreciation and desire for beautiful architecture, for design and also for creativity. We also perceive a unique bravery to press for changes and always look for the best. We had the opportunity to work with several partners in different cities across the country. In Santa Catarina, specifically in Balneário Camboriú, we work with our valuable partner Pasqualotto & GT and develop several architectural residential projects together.


The luxury market in Balneário Camboriú is consolidated, extremely strong and increasingly broad. Are there plans for new projects between Paninfarina and Pasqualotto & GT?

We started this partnership with Pasqualotto & GT a few years ago and we are proud to have three residential architecture projects in Balneário Camboriú. Every Pininfarina project is inspired by emotion and functionality. With that as a starting point, we created three different concepts, each serving specific market segments. The Yachthouse is a high standard residential project that is a global reference and a local landmark characterized by the two tallest twin towers in South America. The building is located between the river and the sea, with privileged access to the city's marina. The towers feature beautiful views of the local landscape and a 360 degree luxury lifestyle experience. Vitra is another high-end residential development located on the beach and also has a commercial area. Our exterior design has achieved two prestigious awards, including the 2015 American Architecture Award, attributed to the best new buildings designed and built by American architects in the US and abroad, and the 2017 German Design Award by Excellent Communications Design Architecture. Although we are an Italian company based in Turin, we have several offices worldwide. Projects in Brazil are managed mainly by our subsidiary in Miami and Design Studio, which allows us to be closer to our South American partners. Finally, we have a third residential project under development, La Citta. This building offers an urban lifestyle in the heart of Balneário Camboriú and offers smart living solutions for city dwellers. We are proud of these projects and the international appreciation achieved only reinforces the value of the work done. We definitely look forward to continuing our relationship and project development with our client and friends at Pasqualotto & GT.


Has the partnership so far been valid? Does Pasqualotto & GT join the list of worldwide partners to start new projects?


We are proud of Pininfarina's projects in Brazil and we thank our incredible partners like Pasqualotto & GT. What has already been done is a wonderful example of what can be achieved and the potential that exists in this bold market. In addition, the physical proximity of the Pininfarina office in Miami allows the team to be even closer to this beautiful country and our customers, allowing for exceptional service and an ongoing relationship. We hope to see many other Pininfarina projects in Brazil.


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