Luxury yachts inspire the fairing of the façade of the Largest Residential in Latin America YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina is 281 meters high and is in the process of final finishing

With the signature of the renowned European design firm Pininfarina, the largest residential building in Latin America takes shape on the coast of Santa Catarina with a concept in the nautical universe. This reference will be portrayed in the design of the facade of YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina inspired by the lightness, comfort and well-being of luxury yachts. The base of the 281 meter project will have a huge fairing, similar to the best vessels ever built.

To guarantee the ideal design, the same materials and industrial processes used in the manufacture of the hulls, decks, and main structural components of the most luxurious yachts on the market are used in the production of the façade panels, using fiber-reinforced polymer composites, combined with recyclable materials. The project is carried out based on the specific requirements of the condition of climatic effects and location of the work.
“The entire process needs to be perfect and follow the standard quality, geometries and details of the imposing design signed by the renowned Pininfarina studio. Each surface, character line and radius must be preserved, prioritizing safety in the formulation of the composite and in the anchoring system of the huge panels that make up the work as a whole”, says Renan Holzmann, New Business Development Manager at BFG Brasil, the company responsible for fairing execution. With this characteristic, the enterprise was named YACHTHOUSE, which translated refers to “Yacht House”.

The project's facade is in the manufacturing phase, with installation scheduled for the next few months. “We can say that the fairing is like the icing on the cake, which will give the final touch to this daring and innovative project. The placement will be a significant milestone, which in fact proves that we are on the final stretch, towards the conclusion of the biggest project in Latin America”, says the engineer at Pasqualotto&GT, Davi Rotilli.

Upon completion of the YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina, the inspiration of the nautical universe can be experienced by the residents of the building, who will have exclusive entrance to the marina, proximity to the river, and to the sea of ??one of the most popular destinations in Latin America, Balneário Camboriú.

About Pasqualotto&GT
Pasqualotto&GT is the builder of luxury developments such as YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina, the largest residential in Latin America, with 81 floors and 281 meters high. With a vocation for vertical buildings above 50 floors, it also has other projects in partnership by Pininfarina, such as Vitra, recognized in America and Europe as an icon of international architecture, and the future project La Città by Pininfarina.

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