How much does it cost to live in the tallest building in Latin America and neighbor Neymar in BC?

Exclusive view, the fastest elevator in Brazil and being neighbors with Neymar and Luan Santana: these are just a few items that buyers of apartments in the tallest building in Latin America, located in Balneário Camboriú, can have. But how much does this joke cost?

The value of each unit varies according to height: between the cheapest apartment and the penthouse, the price variation can be up to 80%, reaching up to R$ 8 million. That, of course, if the buyer doesn't want to customize the unit.

The first apartments started to be delivered in October and all investors must receive the keys by March. The leisure areas should be delivered by the end of 2022. But Neymar should only open his penthouse after that, as the ace must renovate the entire apartment.

According to the president of Pasqualotto&GT, Alcino Pasqualotto Neto, each investor can choose, at the time of negotiation, to customize the unit, “the sockets, floors, finishes”, he says.

The development has 81 floors, and was conceived in 2012. With two towers, the building offers an exclusive view of the sea, the Atlantic Forest, all from within the marina. According to Pasqualotto, only Balneário Camboriú could make all this possible, since other cities have marinas outside the big cities and far from the beaches.



YACHTHOUSE By Pininfarina is considered by The Skyscraper Center the tallest residential building in Latin America, at 281 meters high.

With all this height, the question that remains is: when there is a strong wind, does the building shake? This is because images circulating on the internet show a bathtub in a building in Balneário Camboriú, forming waves in a strong wind.

However, Pasqualotto ensures that YACHTHOUSE does not wobble. That's because the two towers were designed to be heavier than necessary, and have two locking slabs, on the 29th and 51st floors.

The tests were carried out considering the region's winds and the most adverse conditions, such as tornadoes and cyclones. According to the president of the construction company, the project withstands winds of up to 200 km/h.

“Millions of dollars were invested so that the building does not balance”, says Pasqualotto.



“Verticalization allows more spaces for air circulation, leisure, in addition to the view”, explains Pasqualotto. According to him, the YACHTHOUSE has 254 units, which if they were distributed in lower buildings, would be more towers occupying more space.


“If you look at super-developed cities, like New York and Dubai, they are vertical,” he says.