Disassembly of the crane at the top of Tower 1 of the largest residential building in Latin America

Largest residential building in Latin America, Pininfarina's YACHTHOUSE surprises with its size and complex processes that go beyond conventional feats. Among these, it highlights the process of removing the cranes from the top of the 281 meters of the enterprise. Disclosed images show the disassembly of the equipment and the lifting of the parts from the outside of tower 1. The process will begin again from Tuesday (9/29) in tower 2.

With 30 tons, the cranes installed on top of the largest residential building in Latin America were essential to assist in the construction of the project. The disassembly process consists of the separation of 20 different parts that are lifted one to an external area of ??the enterprise.
All activity is carried out by a smaller crane, called the Derrick Crane, which has a load capacity higher than the traditional crane and allows the transport of parts from 281 meters high to the ground with total safety. “Derrick Crane is assembled and disassembled manually and its components can be transported by elevator”, explains engineer Rodrigo Fernandes da Silva, from Tecnogruas assembly and maintenance in Cranes and Elevators, the company responsible for the procedure.

The dismantling of the crane from the top of tower 2 can take up to two weeks, as it depends on weather conditions. Due to the lifting of parts in the external area, it needs to be carried out on days with little wind.
Built by Pasqualotto & GT, the YACHTHOUSE in Pininfarina currently undergoes the installation of the glass skin façade, execution of the plaster lining in the apartments, finishing coating, internal painting, among others.

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