Beach volleyball World Cup supported by Pasqualotto & GT

The arena facing the sea, set up on the site of Pasqualotto & GT Empreendimentos, will receive the best beach volleyball athletes in the world, placing Itapema (SC) once again in the elite of the planet's sport. This week, between Wednesday (5/15) and Sunday (5/19), the biggest players in the sport participate in the “World Tour 4 Stars”, which counts points in the Brazilian Olympic race. International stars and Brazilian medalists will face each other in the tournament that will have free admission to the fans. This is the only stage of the World Cup held in Brazil in 2019.

The events in the space set up on Avenida Nereu Ramos, at the height of Rua 307, will feature 12 Olympic medalists, including four Brazilians. Alison (ES), who will be acting alongside partner Álvaro Filho (PB), and Bruno Schmidt (DF), who teamed up with Evandro (RJ), were champions in the Rio games in 2016. Ágatha (PR), who acts together with Duda (SE), and Bárbara Seixas (RJ), partner of Fernanda Berti (RJ), were silver in the same edition in Rio de Janeiro.

The stages of the World Circuit are classified from one to five stars since 2017, thus varying the value of the prize and the total points distributed. Itapema (SC) will receive a four-star event, with distribution of approximately R $ 1.2 million in prizes to all the teams in dispute, with approximately R $ 80 thousand for the double champion of each suit. The competition will also give 800 points to champions in each genre, 720 to runners-up and 640 to bronze medalists, reducing 80 points for each position in the standings.

Brazil is the biggest winner of the World Tour both for men (won 18 seasons) and for women (won 23 seasons). Beach volleyball is also the only sport that has earned the country a medal in all editions of the Olympic Games.

Since 1987, the beginning of the tour, the country has hosted the event, but it was only last year that Itapema opened its headquarters. Facing the sea it was considered the best place in terms of structure by the sportsmen, had the support of the fans, and once again the competition returns. The general director of Pasqualotto & GT Empreendimentos, Alcino Pasqualotto, comments that supporting the initiative is to strengthen the institutional image of the municipality connected to health and well-being. “Living well, having quality of life, thinking about a happy future is in our DNA as a construction company that promotes modern enterprises, with luxury criteria and elements that lead to well-being”, he stresses. The company sponsors the stage. The event is promoted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV).


Vila do Vôlei will have musical programming. Check the agenda:

Day 14/5 (Tuesday) - Official Opening of Vila do Vôlei

6 pm to 8 pm - DJ JP

8 pm to 10 pm - Singer Serginho Moah (ex-vocalist Papas da Língua)


Day 15/5 (Wednesday)

18h to 19h - DJ JP

19h to 20h30min - Robson Ribeiro e Banda

8:30 pm to 10 pm - DJ JP


Day 16/5 (Thursday)

18h to 19h - DJ JP

19h to 20h30min - Duo Douglas and Ana Paula

8:30 pm to 10 pm - DJ JP


Day 17/5 (Friday)

18h to 19h - DJ JP

19h to 20h30min - Banda Negro a Vapor

8:30 pm to 11:00 pm - DJ JP


Day 18/5 (Saturday)

1 pm to 2:30 pm - Stand-up comedy with Dona Maricotinha

9 pm to 10:30 pm - Show with Nego Joe and Banda

10:30 pm to midnight - DJ JP


Day 19/5 (Sunday)

1 pm to 3 pm - Grupo Sem Abuso

15h to 18h - DJ JP


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Photo credits: Cristiano Andujar / Inovafoto / CBV


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