Action by women on top of the tallest building in Brazil and internal lecture focus on preventing cancers remembered in October
A heart in the sky formed by the women of the construction company Pasqualotto & GT on top of the tallest building in Brazil. The employees gathered on the 81st floor to celebrate the prevention of breast cancer and reflect on the need to take care of themselves 365 days a year. In addition to the women's meeting on the top floor of the Yachthouse by Pininfarina, the company will grant another meeting focusing on the health of professionals working in the most diverse areas, regardless of gender.
The lecture with nutritionist Aline Radloff who serves the Women's Network to Fight Cancer, will show that the body is our biological terrain and everything that involves physical, emotional and spiritual health can have a direct relationship with the risks of the onset of the disease . “Stress has a biochemical impact, with the release of cortisol that affects sex hormones. And a simple exercise such as adequate breathing, connected to good eating habits, can directly interfere with well-being and health, guaranteeing a much more fulfilling life ”, he highlights.
The lecture “Love for ourselves is the best prevention” will take place on October 24th, especially for Pasqualotto & GT employees. About 47 participants are expected to attend the event scheduled for the Yachthouse, at 2 pm. Internal marketing actions related to health are part of the company's daily routine, which focuses mainly on the dissemination of knowledge and information for healthier lives.
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