Balneário Camboriú
Located in the center of Balneário Camboriú, it was recognized in America and Europe as an icon of international architecture.
The Enterprise

Vitra by Pininfarina is a differentiated enterprise in every detail, and comes to mark the advance in the architectural language of the region. Characterized by two distinct areas, one commercial and one residential, it has large glass walls at the base of the building in order to give visibility to the stores and facilitate visual communication with those who pass by the street. In addition to beauty and a complete leisure space, Vitra offers its residents apartments with a private area of approximately 171.00 m², the differentials of which can be seen from its strategic position. With three front sides, all floors receive natural lighting and ventilation, providing more quality of life for those who do not give up living well.


  • 300 meters from the sea;
  • 62 floors and a basement;
  • 208.6 meters high;
  • 100 apartments;
  • Land with 2769.55m²;
  • 35,720.44 m² of built area;
  • Design: Signed by Pininfarina and inspired by automobile tracks;
  • Glass facade and ACM;
  • 7 basement floors;
  • 2 Outrigger floors (31 and 51);
  • Sea view from 30 ° floor. 


Blocks with approximate dimensions of 31.30m x 30.00m and height of 5.10m, are supported by 380 propeller piles, 30m deep, totaling a volume of 4,632m³ of concrete and 700 tons of steel, for a duration of 5 days concrete and 579 concrete trucks.


Two apartments per floor of 171m² private area, with one tested facing the sea 15m by 14m deep, have smart plants, being square plants, which brings better distribution of rooms, with circulation area of ??less than 5m². Ceiling height is 3.30 from slab to slab and 2.85m free.

Distribution of rooms:

  • Living with gourmet space (41.65m²);
  • Semi integrated kitchen (8.96m²);
  • Service area (5.01);
  • Service toilet (1,77m²);
  • Technical area (3.00m²);
  • 4 suites, 1 master (19.95m²) delivered with a hydromassage bathroom and 3 conventional ones of 14.50 m² and 13.22m².






Recreation Area

Located on the 7th floor with approximately 2,079.42 m 

Open area in front of Av. Brasil:

  • 1 heated adult pool and 1 children's pool;
  • Wet bar;
  • Lounge;
  • Outdoor terrace;

Under the tower projection:

  • 2 ballrooms,
  • which can be integrated;
  • Playroom;
  • Toy library;
  • Classic bistro, with annual operation and at cost price;
  • Gym delivered with Life Fitness line A.

Open back of the tower:

  • Original size multisport court;
  • Discovery square;
  • Gourmet space;
  • Steam room;
  • Covered and heated adult and children's pool.

Rooftop Enterprise has an extension of leisure at the top of the tower, there are approximately 300m² of garden with a central restaurant / bar and a 360 ° panoramic view of the city, an environment with many curves and aerodynamic lines, bringing instead of conventional furniture, fiberglass, demonstrating Pininfarina's design and excellence.

building documents of Enterprise
Location of Enterprise
Rua 3450, 37, Centro, Balneário Camboriú - SC
Progress of the work
Stage of the construction
Aluminum squares 60%
Estrutura 98%
Masonry 96%
Installations 48%
Final coating 29%
Waterproofing 35%
Mortar coating 93%
Plaster lining 32%
Madeira Squadrons 6%
Painting 25%
Louches and goals 5%
Final elevators 100%
Foundation and Con-tainment 100%